Procedure of purchase:


  1. Select an item and check the price and then click on ‘add to cart’.
  2. After this, you can click on ‘show cart’ to view the item in your cart. If you finished buying, click on 'Checkout'. (Note: Minimum purchase order value is $25.00, without shipping cost.)
  3. After this please register or log in. (You’ll need to give your name, email address and exact shipping address.) Then click ‘next’.
  4. In point ‘sipping address’ please check your billing and shipping information.
  5. In point ‘shipping methods’ you can see the total weight of your purchase and the total shipping cost (in the price column). I send all items in registered mode only. (Then click 'next'.)
  6. In point ‘payment method’ you can see your total amount (items price + shipping cost) If you accept this, please select “I buy it, pay with PayPal!” button.
  7. If you want to make an offer, please download the list of my collectible 'Inventory (excel)', edit this file and send back to me with your offer. (If you totalize the "weight" column, you can calculate the shipping cost in advance with 'shipping cost table'.)
  8. In point 'confirm order' please check ‘Terms os service' box and confirm your order. (If you want you can delete your cart at any step, but if you want to delete your cart at the last step you can logout and your cart will be deleted after that.)
  9. After this you can pay in a security page of PayPal. After you paid you are redirected automatically to my store. If you have any problem with paying I send you a money request or you can pay as in point 7.
  10. You will get an e-mail from PayPal with successful payment details and a “Purchase order” mail from my page, with “Order status: Pending”.
  11. After I received your cleared payment I send a mail with your order status changed to “Confirmed”.
  12. When I post your item you will get an e-mail with your order status changed to “Shipped”, with tracking number of your letter.
  13. Note: If you have any “freemail” service, please check your spam-folder too!

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